Little Doll

by Hana Zara

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This album was released in 2010


released January 1, 2010

Recorded in 2010, at Another Recording Studio, in Omaha NE, by AJ Mogis. Emma Nelson on harmonies and violin. Photo Credit, Ronda Esquivel (photographer) and Robert Esquivel (visual artist). Mastered by Doug at Focus Mastering, Omaha NE. Graphic design of hard copy, by Amanda Rogers, Hard copy printed at SubCat records, Syracuse NY.


all rights reserved



Hana Zara Lincoln, Nebraska

Hana Zara is your fellow student in earth school, learning how to not be a jerk, and making sense of life through art. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Artist/Junkie
i'm not a lady
and i'm not a lover
i am just a stray
and i found your covers
and we twist and tangle
and you call me little
then you lifrt me easily
but its non cmmital
cuz we're both just roadies
for a dying county
your hands full of flyiers
my feet in the mud
and they can call us artists
or they can call us junkies
but we're not together
no we're in this alone.
this was not my daydream
no mine was golden
i think i was flying
from these fields of snow
yet still we wake here
and we shake the winter
and we don't feel as lonesome
and we don't feel as cold

but now your scratching through your skin again
pointing fingers at the government
finding loopholes through the shit your in
all the while you keep so quiet
and your crosswords looking empty
from the words you will nt mention
i would write them on the table
but never could keep your attention
though i'm still trying

and there once was magic
up in your bedroom
and you let it course through
my shaking hands
as we swore to nothing
and we traced the shaddows
and there was no countryside
and there was no land
now i wish the ocean
would roll it's waters
over all your problems
turn them smooth like seaglass
but you whisper darling
if you crave the highway
then you stay put long enough
oh the world does the opposite

but if you wake up in the morning
and your face has gotten dirty
so you wash down all your mirrors
well it seldom changes anything
still you feel more lost than ever
and you say its not your fault
its this damn miserable weather
but its the rain in which your caught,
in which your caught

you say your heard the sirens
and you saw the flashing
drew up all your curtains
while the world was sleeping
there in your boxer shorts
you lioked like a maniac
stuffing up your pillow case
trying to hide the evidence
did they make things difficult
tie your feet to snowshoes
leave you in the sunlight
with a feild to run through
or did they just say settle
stop your mind from racing
learn to dream like the rest of us
stop your feet from pacing

and i had finally left the riverside
learned to drink from my two hands again
i was winning my own fool's game
i'd forgotten how the feeling felt
i stood proudly in my dirty clothes
justa blacksmith in the bakery
should have never caught your golden eyes
all i ever catch are refugees
but the courtroom wasn't cold
and the judge let you off easy
you sat there with your arms folded
at the time it was just boring
and outside it didn't snow
your not sleeping on a cot tonight
no your with a girl who loves you
you can finally shut your eyes
you can shut your eyes,
you can shut your eyes
Track Name: It's Love
i was the bird that you caught in the snow cause the winter had come, and i still hadn't flown
but you swore i'd be safe in your small city home if i didn't sing loud and if i didn't grow.
but oh i didn't mind i was warm through the night in your bed, in your arms, with the covers pulled tight.
and i was the bird going first up the stairs when your hands round my waist, lifted me in the air
and the stairway spun deep we were soft on our feet
making love in the car, on that cold empty street

and it's love

so i press my knees to my chest
we're both crying loud for a train stop penny, my fingers through my accordion
and we drove... and when we stumbled into that strange city you said Spokane looks just like Omaha.

it's love

but in the parking lot of the gas station, we're scrounging change for a dollar again

and it's love...
Track Name: Ithaca
I went back to Ithaca
went through the greenest pastures
lost among the cornfeilds, the rows of planted towers
you always were a runnaway, even with your ball and chain
and I went back to Ithaca to find you

Remember nights in the museum wing,
with all its ancient chivalry
the 3am security was drunk again
so i dream we're sleeping safe
in King Henry's bed again

but you were always out of your head on the things you didn't know
so when I turn my back you disappear like that New England April snow

when I went back to find you
you were passed out with your courtesan
sleeping fast for nowhere
with a needle and a pentagram
you always were a refugee
even when the fire ceased
and I went back to Ithaca to calm you

so with your violin bow, play the lights down through the trees
but when the music quiets you stand small with empty pockets
on these unfamiliar streets
Track Name: Trickle Lazy Down
I used to dream of daisy chains and nothing but the sun
and my pleasure seeking soul, she always had me on the run
but I caught her in the moment and I asked her why she spun
she said when I slow down the whole world catches up

and I mostly am a wanderer, when I am lost, I'm found
and I chose to leave the ocean where my sisters all abound
cause the river bed would call to me, her lonely drifting sound,
she said we're mostly made of water, we will trickle lazy down

and I'll admit that, Anastasia, I was following your wild ways,
they had me running to the grave,
we learn of freedom, and then we scream it as we barrel down the interstate,
its such a foolish masquerade,
and I'll admit now, I'm afraid

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