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When I think of you I see you, in the meadow, with the sun high, and the wind howling low
Picking fruit, arms a-reach
And above, the painted dove
And below, the olive grove
And your father, the Spanish Geppetto, just smiling at me

When I think of you I see you, in the attic, you are wind-struck, and I am manic
You say you can’t understand my Spanish at all
But as I swear that the bed it is a ship
And as the sheets they catch the wind
You look out my window and proclaim that you see land
That you see land, that you see land

Steer on straight to a town the people call Murcia, with her skirt full of fruit in the drought and the dust
Of the mountain that stands like a statuette, changing her face beneath the sun
Throws the light and we look up in wonder
She turns to night and we all fall in love with her
And I’m wrecked enough as it is…
Yeah I’m wrecked enough as it is

Remembering when my bed it was a ship
And my sheets they caught the wind
And you looked out my window and proclaimed that you saw land
Cause now my bed is just a bed
And my sheets are where I turn and fight and twist
Until the morning breaks in like a fist

The last time I saw you, you were standing, Up to your ankles, in the Atlantic
As I climbed in my silver ship
And it rained a million lights
As the ocean filled with vessels just like mine
And you stood waving me goodbye
Missed you so much that I wanted to cry

But Gloria no I didn’t,
cause I’ve got a feeling I came back to visit
See I had a dream we were back in the huerta,
in all of her ringing and reaching up
And above a crescent moon
And below the streets were strewn with dark red fruit…
And above a waxing moon, and below the streets a-ruin with dark red fruit

So we buried ourselves among the roots
Talking in tongues I never use
Married ourselves to the growling hum, and man,
It was good to be back there with you, ah, la de dum, la da dum


from The North, released March 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Hana Zara Burlington, Vermont

be calm, be kind, ask yourself who you are and live from there.

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